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Generating energy from renewable sources is our mission. This is how we help to create independency while tackling the global energy issues. 

The absolute electricity demand across Europe is expected to increase to more than 3,700 TWh in 2030. But the electricity is rarely generated where it's actually needed.


We seek independency in power generation, strengthen the business locations on-site and to significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels and thus CO2 emissions. This is our contribution to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.


We offer all services for the implementation of a sustainable electricity generation from renewable energy sources. 

We work closely with all authorities, network operators, experts and partner companies on-site to ensure an effective and efficient process.

Selected projects.

165 MEGAWATT: wind farm with 23 turbines close to the  Northern Sea. Status: under approval 


55 MEGAWATT: ground mounted photovoltaic plant in a land area in Northern Germany. Status: under approval 


43 MEGAWATT: ground mounted photovoltaic plant in a land area in Northern Germany. Status: under approval 


40 MEGAWATT: wind farm with 23 turbines  in  Northern Germany. Status: under approval 


18 MEGAWATT: ground mounted photovoltaic plant in Central Germany. Status: planning phase 

For information about our projects and our partners, we would be happy to provide you with information in a personal conversation.

With our agricultural business, we operate our own agricultural land and manage it sustainably.

About Us.


Jens Christian Ludwig

Jens has been thriving as an entrepreneur in the field of tangible assets for over 30 years. In addition to the latter, his investments and project development endavour have focused on renewable energy – such as wind power and photovoltaic plants for more than 15 years.  

As an investor, portfolio holder and asset manager, he has structured and concluded transactions with a total volume of 1.25 billion euros over the years. 

Jens-Christian Ludwig is re-sponsible for the strategic direction, project implementation and the development of value chains. 

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Nils Rottsahl

Nils is an entrepreneur and expert in marketing and product strategies. Over the last 20 years, he has worked with listed stock exchange corporations and medium-sized companies in the energy and utilities sector as well as institutions – such as the United Nations in Germany, the former Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Society for Technical Cooperation (now GIZ) – advised, launched and managed joint projects.

Nils Rottsahl is responsible for business development as well as marketing and sales.


Marc Kupke

Marc has been active as an entrepreneur in the areas of investment banking, real estate and renewable energy for more than 10 years. He developed and invested in numerous real estate projects and investment instruments for institutional investors and German family offices. Previously, he held various positions in investment banking, with a focus on structuring fixed-income asset classes for German banks and pension funds. 

Marc Kupke is responsible for the acquisition and finances as well as the structuring of the projects.

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Iurie Vicol

After graduating with a master’s degree in International Business and a bachelor degree in International Affairs, Iurie went straight into the project development business with a clear focus on renewable energies. His expertise and dedication lie in business analysis and calculation models in order to identify major project potentials and investments to set-up respective projects.  

He is responsible for the ac-quisition and implementation of European-wide projects. Iurie is based in Venice (Italy). He is fluent in English, Italian, Spanish and Romanian language.

About Us.

chairos Consulting GmbH

Gellertstraße 18, D-22301 Hamburg

+49 (0)40 69 64 63 90


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